Travis Linderman

Managing Director

Exascale Ventures

Travis has served as director over four venture incubators. In partnership with TTOs at Princeton University, University of Michigan, NIU and Argonne National Lab, he has advised 150+ emerging tech startups. Travis spearheaded $565M of capital campaigns for R&D advancement and directed seed capital for startups that have raised $551M of follow-on investment, including three acquisitions. Travis founded a venture-backed startup which promoted innovations spinning out of Princeton University, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and Einstein’s Alley research corridor. The company scaled rapidly and enjoyed a successful IP acquisition. In addition, Travis launched Exascale Ventures which develops investment roadmaps for innovators working on Quantum enabling technology, Post-quantum Cryptography and Exascale HPC acceleration. Travis serves as a board director to the Northern Illinois University Research Foundation, advising on Tech Transfer and licensing.

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