AVX Venture Listing Fall 2017

Alan Thomas

October 23, 2017

Thank you again for your openness to participating in the Academic Venture Exchange to date. We continue to try to build the best engine for matching university start-ups with C-level management and connections.

We are about to release our most recent listing of 50 emerging university ventures and their needs.  We are also moving to a new web platform that will soon allow substantially improved searching and alerting based on your interests, and expanded listings from universities.

I and our new Associate Director, Hamdi, would enjoy hearing directly from you at any time about any update in your circumstances or interests.

Attached is our latest listing of university ventures looking for business leadership, connections, feedback, and in some cases also funding.

-For more details on each venture, click on the title of the venture.

-For an introduction to an individual venture through the technology licensing office at an institution, e-mail AVX (myself or Hamdi) or contact the listed university liaison directly, and copy us.

-For latest updates and commentary on each venture where available, check the associated “AVX Notes” attachments.

The “Sign In” button you will see is a sign of capabilities to come, but is not yet functional.  We are migrating to a web platform to allow a significant upgrade of capabilities and scale.  For now, please bear with us!

Very many thanks.