AVX March 2019 Update

Ahmet-Hamdi Cavusoglu

March 1, 2019

Hello and thank you - as always - for being a valuable part of AVX. We are now moving to a monthly newsletter format, especially since we have some exciting new updates in store!

As a reminder, you can see all current AVX opportunities here: https://avx.io/feed. Please bookmark it!

The AVX Feed

Conversation Statistics: We are up to 2075 total connections and conversations on the AVX network - 227 more over the last month (6.5% month-over-month growth). Since our last newsletter, we have had 3 new matches: Ihor Terleckyj to CuRAGE, Michael Imperiale to ExoGene, and Terry Russell to X-Vue. Currently, AVX is tracking 10 negotiations and another 23 with multi-month long discussions heading toward possible matches.

New Institutions on AVX: Since October 2018, AVX has been working to expand the pool of institutions participating in our network. As of today, we are happy to announce that we have now added the University of North Carolina, Duke University, the University of Colorado, George Washington University, Vanderbilt University, Tulane University, and Northwestern University to the AVX network! We hope to announce new additions over the next few months as we begin to upload and circulate opportunities from more top research institutions.

Recent Xconomy Opinion: Orin Herskowitz - an AVX Board Member - recently penned a great opinion titled 'CEOs and Scientific Founders: Tips for a Long and Successful Marriage' where he takes a look at seven of the most common match killers and some expert advice for how to avoid them. We recommend that you take a look!

AUTM Panel: AVX recently hosted a panel called 'Talent Matching for Academic Start-ups' at AUTM last month. Jon Soderstom presented for AVX along with  Orin Herskowitz (New York's Venture Exchanges), Ian McClure (XOR networks), and Marc Singer (OUP). Our panel was well-attended and it generated a range of ideas about how to further improve AVX.

AVX Technology Update: As many of you may have noticed, we are beta testing our match making suggestions to our growing pool of members - do let us know if these suggestions are relevant to you, even if you choose to 'Decline' a suggestion. The more data we can generate on these suggestions will allow us to develop better and more personalized suggestions in the future.

Cheers! – Hamdi