AVX August 2019 Update

Ahmet-Hamdi Cavusoglu

August 1, 2019

Welcome to August! As always, thank you for being a valuable part of AVX. In this newsletter, we will be: 1) reminding you about your AVX access, 2) providing an update on our growth, 3) tease our latest match, and 4) give you a hint of our new feature we are beta testing. Scroll down for more info!

As a reminder, you can see all AVX opportunities here at the Feed.

                   The AVX Feed                

Conversation Statistics: We are up to 3562 total connections and conversations on the AVX network - 351 more over the last month (8% month-over-month growth). We are currently tracking 10 potential match negotiations and another 49 with multi-month long discussions heading toward possible matches.

Latest Match: We look forward to announcing 2 of our pending matches shortly, both 'long-distance' matches that showcase the power of sourcing broadly. Keep a look out! Please see the attached AVX Matches for more information.

New AVX Features: For the past month, we have been beta testing a new AI assistant powered by x.ai to help with scheduling AVX Introduction calls along with coordinating AVX Follow-Up surveys post-call. You will be getting emails from either amy@x.ai or amy@avx.io to help set up intake calls. Please bear with us as we work toward providing a new feature and please provide all the feedback you can.

So long for now! – Hamdi