AVX Wave 2.0

August 8, 2016 2:49 PM

Our overriding goal is to match early stage ventures with entrepreneurial talent. Perhaps you have a direct interest in connecting with some of our emerging ventures, or else you may be able to connect them to other entrepreneurial talent you are aware of.  We are delighted to get other connections, leads, and feedback.  Our member universities don’t guarantee all the pieces of these stories fit together, but they all include world class research and researchers, interesting data, and a hunch by licensing officers that they have potential if connected with the right business development talent.

If any opportunities on the list resonate, please contact either AVX for an introduction, or the associated institutional representative with a cc to AVX.   This way we can track how useful our listing is, and offer any additional background we are aware of.  

Feedback on our evolving platform is also welcome.  Specific changes from our last listing:

  • Files to which we have embedded links are hosted on a service called DocSend. This should ask you for your email ONCE ONLY if you're on a personal computer.  It will help us track which opportunities attract traffic.  We will NOT use this information to solicit you.  If you don’t want your browsing tracked, OR the interface turns out to be annoying, let me know, and I will provide an alternative.
  • We’ve added tags to help searching.  These are listed in the second attachment.
  • We’ve added “AVX Notes” where we are aware of potentially useful additional context
  • We continue to add brief video “pitches” from faculty based on feedback so far.

The AVX concept continues to gain momentum.  This listing is almost double the size of our first effort in the Fall. We welcome your help as we try to make the process of connecting university ventures to entrepreneurs and vice versa much more effective.